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Definition of Forex / FX & CFD (Contract For Difference)

The foreign currency exchange market is commonly referred to as Forex or FX, it is the global marketplace for the exchange of one currency for another. The forex market is the largest and most popular market in the world especially in fast growing country like Malaysia, with trillions of dollars being exchanged every day. It's not located in a central location, and there is no formal government agency in charge of it. Instead, the forex is an electronic network of banks, brokerages, institutional investors, and individual traders (primarily through brokerages or banks).

In forex trading, currencies are traded in pairs, for example, USD/AUD, EUR/USD, or USD/GBP. These are the dollar versus the Australian dollar (AUD), the euro (EUR) versus the dollar, and the dollar versus the British pound sterling (GBP).

Forex traders attempt to make money from the frequent changes in currency values. For instance, a trader may anticipate that the British pound will increase in value. The trader will exchange American dollars for British pounds. If the pound increases in value, the trader can make the transaction the other way around, increasing the value of the pound for dollars.

Typically, short term forex trading is employed by traders who utilize the CFD method to make money. A CFD is a financial contract that has a specific base asset. Both a contract for difference (CFD) and forex online trading are characterized by a high degree of leverage. Forex trading is the process of exchanging international currencies. The primary distinction between a CFD and forex trading is the investor's motivation for participation. Many investors who trade CFDs primarily seek to speculate or hedge their investments, and forex is traded for a variety of reasons.

Day traders and other speculators seek out CFD and foreign exchange trading because of the leverage available. Some brokers have both CFDs and forex trading as part of the same platform and account. CFD trading is common in many countries.

CFD trading and currency trading are both international financial activities. A contract for difference that is traded on international commodities, indices, bonds and shares is called a contract for difference that is tradable. CFDs are settled in cash, and no ownership rights to the actual asset are transferred. Both long and short positions can be initiated based on whether the investor is bullish or bearish towards the asset.

Forex can be utilized for speculation, but it's primarily intended to assist with international trade and investment. Currencies are exchanged by central banks, corporations, institutional investors and small investors. Forex trading is also employed to mitigate risk. Forex can be traded in the CFD market, but the majority of currency traders utilize forex brokers.

TRADESIA - Friendly Platform for Beginner Traders

Nowadays, many people want to trade using forex but have the difficulty understanding the basics and how to trade forex. Therefore, TRADESIA presents an online-based interactive educational platform to help you learn to do online trading. TRADESIA is one of the best trading company in Malaysia. The educational content is made light and short so that a novice trader can learn to trade from scratch within 1 hour.

Popular Trading Assets At TRADESIA

In TRADESIA we provide some of the most popular assets nowadays. Traders can start doing their trading session without any worries. Some of the assets are :

  • Forex
    Exchange your favourite currency and starts your trading journey with us. There are lots of choices starting from USD/CHF, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, AUD/NZD, EUR/AUD, EUR/CHF, EUR/NOK, EUR/NZD.
  • Crypto Currencies
    We provide range of crypto currencies to be traded daily. With a stable low risk system, traders can easily trades using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethreum, Ripple, Zcash, Bitcoin cash, Stellar, TRON, Binance coins. We also provide crypto idx option for those who wants to trade with idx
  • OTC Market
    TRADESIA also provide OTC Market for those who want to trade on the weekends. With the OTC market services, traders can gain big returns.

6 Top Reasons To Trade At TRADESIA

Traders around the world can explore the best trading experience at TRADESIA without worries because here at TRADESIA we provide the best services such as :

  • Fast Response Real Time System
    Using the best web platform, TRADESIA giving all traders the benefit of fast response real time system to execute their trading activities.
  • 24/7 Customer Service
    TRADESIA providing well trained multi-language customer service for all members. Any question and inquiries will be handled properly via online chat system that runs 24/7. All members can access this feature anytime anywhere they need it.
  • Fast Deposit & Withdrawal System
    TRADESIA also providing fast transaction regarding deposits and withdrawal. In a second, all members can jump start their trading journey with TRADESIA.
  • Low Deposits Requirement
    All traders can start their trading journey with just 10MYR. Imagine what the possibilty that we can achieve with that low investment requirement.
  • Supported by Local Banks
    TRADESIA is supported by local banks regarding the deposits and withdrawal services. So, all members can do a safe and easy transaction anytime-anywhere. All you have to do is having a decent gadget and a stable internet connection.
  • TRADESIA - Legal Trading License Malaysia
    All members can set aside their worries and doubtfulness because TRADESIA is one of the best legal trading platform in Malaysia.

Four Benefits Trading With TRADESIA

TRADESIA also giving all their loyal members a great deal of bonuses such as :

  1. Free Lucky Spin
    TRADESIA provides BONUS for loyal TRADE SIA members every day. By actively playing at TRADESIA, for every activity you get a free spin bonus with CASH prizes. This is a free promotion from TRADESIA. The requirement is just to be ACTIVE enough to play on TRADESIA. You have a chance to get free lucky spin to earn CASH every day. Active requirements must have a minimum Turnover in TRADESIA.
  2. 0.3% Rollover Bonus Every Week
    • The Rollover Bonus is calculated from the total turnover in a week, namely from Thursday - Friday every week.
    • The 0.3% Rollover Bonus will be distributed every Friday within 1x24 hours.
    • If there is an act of fraud or intentional manipulation of the rolling bonus, Tradesia has the right to cancel the bonus.
  3. 15% Referral Bonus
    Get additional income of up to thousand of MYR every week! The Tradesia 15% Referral Bonus is a Business Opportunity without Capital that you must try. The method is very easy, just by spreading the Referral Link that has been registered at Tradesia to various social media, forums, and also blogs.
  4. 100% Free Trading Signals
    Want to get a profitable trading but still unsure about your analysis? Join Now and start making profits with a team of Professional Traders!
    Terms and conditions:
    1. Register an account at tradesia
    2. Fill in the account information for account verification
    3. Signals will be given at 15.00 PM (GMT+8) every Tuesday & Thursday


All actions of using signals are the responsibility of each Trader.